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23 Nov 2018
What Would You Do?
It comes as no surprise that Aiden loves working on What Would You Do? from the fantastic crew to the mystery of what will happen with each interaction he has with an unsuspecting passerby. He had two episodes air this past season and in the first he got to visit a grocery store. While shopping with his Mom he has to put items in his backpack. As the mother tries to force him to do it, especially when he clearly doesn't want to, it doesn't take long for other customers to take notice. Some go to the employees nearby to alert them of the theft and what is happening to Aiden, while others confront his mother or have a conversation with him. To see what happened make sure to view the clip in the media section.

Behind the scenes Aiden had another amazing shoot with a great team of people. John Quiñones is always a joy to work with and everyone is great about helping Aiden create the best scenarios while in the moment. He met a lot of really nice people who were just out to do their grocery shopping, and it is always amazing to see what people will do in the moment when faced with the scenarios at hand.

Posted by: Lisa

11 Nov 2018
Grand Opening!!
There have been some big changes underway the last few months and that was to transform Hailey and Aiden's website into Aiden's official website! Hailey is focusing behind the scenes with school with quite the exciting career ahead of her in the entertainment industry, and is so appreciative of all of the love and support over the years from everyone visiting her website to see what she has been up to. There are plenty of Aiden related updates to catch up on for his website the next little bit so make sure to keep checking back at our new domain http://aidenmedina.com! The old domain will continue to point to this website for a little bit as everyone adjusts to the new url.

Aiden recently got some new headshots done which inspired the design for his website. A thank you goes out to Stacy Gallizzi for this fantastic set of new images and to Sarah at Serberry Designs for the new layout designs. The photos have been added to the newly arranged gallery, so make sure to take a moment to look around, and don't forget to also follow Aiden on Instagram!

Posted by: Lisa

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